Women ICT Frontier Initiative

UN-APCICT aims to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Asia and the Pacific through ICT capacity development. It will enhance capabilities of women entrepreneurs so that they and their enterprises can become more productive, thereby enriching their families and improving welfare of family members and communities. The project will create ICT enabled women entrepreneur who can actively contribute to community development as well as to the local and national economy.

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List of training modules developed by APCICT, especially aimed in strengthening the capacity of women entrepreneurs as well as the government leaders and policymakers.

Gain access to the WIFI e-learning courses through APCICT Virtual Academy (AVA) platform.

* AVA is an online distance learning platform developed by APCICT to encourage and provide users with learning support even in the absence of a traditional classroom setting.

Repository of case studies presenting 'How ICT can empower women' in the Global domain.